Three Questions with Makiyah Alexander on Rising Waters

Makiyah Alexander is an animator and character illustrator originally from Kalamazoo, Michigan. A graduate of Central Michigan University in 2020, Makiyah creates illustrations and animation geared toward her interest of emulating the forgotten hopes, dreams, loves, and struggles of people of color. We asked Makiyah, one of the artists on our forthcoming game RISING WATERSContinue reading “Three Questions with Makiyah Alexander on Rising Waters”

Announcing Rising Waters

It’s Spring, 1927. While Americans dance the Charleston and drink bootlegged liquor, the Mississippi Delta faces a flood of epic proportions. If battered river levees collapse, everything important to you will be washed away. RISING WATERS is a cooperative board game built around area control, set collection, and variable player power mechanics where players experienceContinue reading “Announcing Rising Waters”