Central Michigan University Press is a scholarly game press for Central Michigan University, a Michigan public university first established in 1892. The Press is committed to innovative, research-based, peer-reviewed, engaging pedagogical games.

Vision and Mission

Central Michigan University Press seeks to support scholars and game designers in fostering the use of games and meaningful play in the classroom. In doing so, the Press is committed to:

  • Organizing and securing a high-quality, peer-review process that examines both the mechanics and subject matter of press games equally;
  • Promoting games as worthy scholarly endeavors that make meaningful contributions to the academic pursuit of knowledge, wisdom, and discovery;
  • Supporting a diverse array of game designers who are typically underrepresented in game development and scholarship;
  • Prioritizing affordable games that have potential promise as educational learning tools over games driven primarily by wider financial or commercial considerations;
  • Welcoming game submissions that are innovative, experimental, or take risks; and
  • Embracing a range of academic disciplines, game play, and mechanics in press publications.

CMich Press Games Editorial Board

The Central Michigan University Press Games Editorial Board is comprised of faculty members from a variety of academic disciplines both at Central Michigan University and at other institutions around the United States. Board members review proposals and reports on new projects/games under consideration for publication. The Board must give final approval by majority vote to every project/game published and to every special imprint or series established by the Press.

Editorial board members
  • Professor Tracy S. Davis | Interim Director, Center for Learning Through Games and Simulations, Central Michigan University
  • Dr. Andrew D. Devenney | Associate Director, Center for Learning Through Games and Simulations, Central Michigan University