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Rising Waters – How To Play – A Digital Rulebook with Timestamp Chapters
  • 0:00 – Introduction
  • 0:53 – 1926 Setup
  • 15:00 – 1927 Setup
  • 25:05 – Turn Structure
  • 40:10 – Relief Camps
  • 43:45 – Rafts and Rescues
  • 47:03 – Community Goals
  • 50:01 – Individual Victory Points
  • 51:24 – Losses

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Rising Waters Errata

Dear Brilliant Backers,

Despite our best efforts, we discovered an error on the Rising Waters player boards that we did not catch until manufacturing was complete. Player boards indicate that you should start with two pawns on the board, but the rule book will tell you to start with three. You should start with three. Similarly, if you choose to use the optional character powers, the sharecropper should start with four pawns on the board rather than three. Please note that we did revise the print and play version of the boards. Deepest apologies for the error.

Jonathan Truitt
Executive Editor
Central Michigan University Press

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