Monumental Consequence Curriculum Guide


A curriculum guidebook for using Monumental Consequence in your classroom!

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The Monumental Consequence Curriculum Guide is a 39-page learning guide by game designer Mary Beth Looney, that provides guidance, suggestions, and practical lesson plans for using Monumental Consequence in a classroom environment.

Download comes with two PDF files:

  1. The Curriculum Guide itself; and
  2. The Curriculum Guide Worksheet Packet, which contains a supplemental worksheet for one of the lessons in the Guide.
Table of Contents
  • Monumental Consequence Curriculum Guide
  • How to Talk about Art and Architecture: A Brief Guide to the Basics
  • Lesson Plan #1: Describing a Work of Art or Architecture
  • Lesson Plan #2: Exploring the Concept of Value for a Work of Art or Architecture
  • Lesson Plan #3: A Hail of Questions about Art
  • Lesson Plan #4: Researching to Learn about Works of Art
  • Lesson Plan #5: Stocking the “Church”
  • Lesson Plan #6: Life WithOUT Art
  • Lesson Plan #7: Designing and/or Creating Art and Architecture for an Early Modern Town
  • Recommended Media and Related Subjects
  • Glossary of Terms
  • Select Bibliography
Curriculum Guide Credits
  • Written by: Mary Beth Looney
  • Line Art by: Bill Spytma
  • Layout Design and Editing by: Andrew D. Devenney, Associate Director, Center for Learning through Games and Simulations, Central Michigan University
  • Copy Editing by: Jennifer Peterson


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