Monumental Consequence



A Scholarship and Lore: Games for Learning Series Game of Central Michigan University Press

Monumental Consequence is a single-session, live action game for classrooms, team building, and social gatherings that asks players if art is ever worth dying for.

Players take on the role of villagers in the fictional town of La Ville, where an army has just taken possession of their centuries old church. The villagers must come together to decide whether they risk the lives of their friends and family by attacking the church to save the precious art inside or whether they simply bomb the church and sacrifice the art to save lives.

Monumental Consequence is a single-session game lasting 30-60 minutes for 9-38 players. It is appropriate for players aged 14 and up.

Learning Objectives
  • The encouragement of players’ appreciation for the cultural value of antiquities, historical objects, and monumental structures; and
  • The development and use of persuasive skills.
  • 40 Role Cards (37 Main + 2 Back-ups + 1 Facilitator)
  • 8 Village Location Cards
  • 10 Treasure Cards
  • 2 Custom d6 Dice
  • 1 Game Manual
  • Combine multiple decks for larger groups.

Listen to designer Mary Beth Looney’s interview on the Beyond Solitaire podcast about Monumental Consequence!

  • Game Design and Development: Mary Beth Looney
  • Line Art: Bill Spytma
  • Layout Design and Editing: Andrew D. Devenney, Associate Director, Center for Learning through Games and Simulations, Central Michigan University
  • Copy Editing: Jennifer Peterson

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