Rising Waters Curriculum Guide


A curriculum guidebook for using Rising Waters in your classroom!

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The Rising Waters Curriculum Guide is a 99-page learning guide by game designer Scout Blum, that provides guidance, suggestions, and practical lesson plans/assignments for using Rising Waters in a classroom environment.

Download comes with two PDF files:

  1. The Curriculum Guide itself; and
  2. The Curriculum Guide Resource Packet, which contains a number of worksheet, images, and a collection of song lyrics to accompany the assignments in the Curriculum Guide.
Table of Contents
  • Historical Overview
    • Protecting Interests
    • Origins of the Problem
    • Background of Race Relations
    • Black Reaction to White Racism
    • Events of the Flood of 1927
    • Aftermath
  • Mechanics are the Message
    • Introduction
    • Community Cards
    • Power Cards
    • Resistance Cards
    • Landowner Cards
    • Survivors
    • Levees
  • Teaching the Game
    • Suggested Schedule
    • Before Playing the Game
    • Set Up
    • Post Game Lessons
  • Game Review Assignments
    • Overview
    • Game Review Assignment: Agency
    • Game Review Assignment: Racism
    • Game Review Assignment: Maps/Technology
    • Game Review Assignment: What If? Problem Solving and Critical Thinking with Game Mechanics
    • Game Review Assignment: Narrative Writing Skills
  • Expanding the Game Assignments
    • Lesson: Reading Maps as History and Art
    • Lesson: Mapping Local Areas/Making a Game Board
    • Lesson: Environmental (In)Justice along the Mississippi River
    • Lesson: Connections Between Past and Present—Hurricane Katrina
    • Lesson: Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry
    • Lesson: African American Agency During Enslavement
    • Lesson: Blues Music and the 1927 Flood
    • Lesson: Solutions to Environmental Crises
  • Selected Bibliography of Sources
Curriculum Guide Credits
  • Written by: Scout Blum
  • Game Card Art by: Lamaro Smith
  • Layout Design and Editing by: Andrew D. Devenney, Associate Director, Center for Learning through Games and Simulations, Central Michigan University
  • Copy Editing by: Jennifer Peterson


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