The Hydrologic Cycle Game

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Press Product Code: CMUP104


Challenge a friend for mastery of the hydrologic cycle! Players compete head-to-head in this fast-paced area-control game of water flux and storage.

Explore the global transport dynamics while covering the board with your cards. Can you match reservoir and transport processes faster than your opponent? You’ll need to think strategically about where and when to play your cards.

The game ends when the board is filled, but you can only win if more of your deck is on top!


Game Design and Development:
Wendy Robertson, Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Central Michigan University

Graphic Design:
Katelyn Maylee

Andrew D. Devenney,
Associate Director, Center for Learning through Games and Simulations, Central Michigan University

A Scholarship and Lore: Games for Learning Series Game of Central Michigan University Press

Coming Soon to Kickstarter!

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